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Stage Heroes Story structures

5 Story structures

5 different ways to structure any presentation, talk or speech.

€ 57 excl. VAT 

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About this course

After following this course you'll be able to use different story structures for different purposes.

Learn how to effectively:

  • Pitch an idea
  • Sell a solution or product
  • Convince any audience
  • Create awareness
  • Inspire a vision
  • Teach something new

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Stage Heroes online video training fear of public speaking


No more holding yourself back. Move from fear to excitement. 

€ 57 excl. VAT.                           

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About this course

"I don't belong on a stage"
"I'm not smart enough"
"People don't care about what I have to say"
"It has to be perfect first"

What are your beliefs? As long as you believe them, you will not fulfil your full potential.

Instead, we want to adopt beliefs that help us reach our goals. Like:

"I've got something to say"
"I don't have to be perfect to make an impact"
"Everyone is an expert in something, including me"

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Are you realising that presenting online is very different from offline?
This course will turn you into an online powerhouse!

€ 97 excl. VAT.                           

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About this course

After this course: 

  • You know how to build trust online
  • You have a kick-ass setup at home 
  • You know how to interact with an online audience and keep them engaged
  • You know how focus works 
  • You've found confidence to make an impact online. 

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Stage Heroes Next level presentations online

Next Level presentations

Our most intensive & extensive course
From zero to Stage Hero! 

€ 257 excl. VAT.                           

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About this course

After this course: 

  • You look forward to giving presentations
  • You know how to prepare for a presentation in the most efficient way
  • You understand the power of non-verbal communication and how to make it work for you. ( You also know what to do with your hands :)) 
  • You've adopted the mindset of a powerful public speaker
  • You structure your presentations like a boss
  • You know how to tell a story
  • You're able to influence any audience
  • You are part of the online Stage Heroes community

+bonus You'll have access to the monthly LIVE AMA (ask me anything) sessions with Margreet for a whole year!

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Stage Heroes Online product images

Speaking Powers

There are 26 different speaking powers. Do the test and find out which one is yours! 

€ 97 excl. VAT.                           

Goes live in March 2022

About this course

After this course: 

  • You know what your ultimate speaking power is.
  • You've learned what your pitfalls are
  • You've learned how to make better use of your speaking powers

`includes 1 live online session with Margreet in April 2022

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Stage Heroes Online all in package

Stage Heroes ALL IN!

Are you super committed to getting results? Do you know what you want and are you ready to go after it? Then go ALL IN! and get access to all the Stage Heroes courses plus some exciting bonusses. 

€ 367 excl. VAT.                           

Yes, I'm going ALL IN!

Find out what ALL IN means

When you go all in, you get:

All the Stage Heroes video courses:

  • Next level presentations
  • 5 story structures
  • #presentingfromhome
  • Speaking powers (live in March 2022) 

These incredible live Sessions:

  • 3x live online AMA (ask me anything) with Margreet 
  • 2x live online Practise lab sessions to get feedback on your own presentations
  • +bonus: LIVE Masterclass Pocketstories on 1 April 14:00 - 16:00 CET
  • +bonus: Exclusive Stage Heroes welcome package

Total value:  € 750,- 

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