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with your unique
Speaking Power

Over 5000 professionals already jumped in. 

There are 12 speaking powers

Most of us learn how to adapt our communication style to the space we’re in and the people we’re with. 

Although this can be very helpful at times, it has also made us forget what our most natural and authentic communication style really is.

Hence the 12 speaking powers. 

“A speaking power is an effortless way of communicating that was not taught but instead is an expression of your unique personality “

Most people have a combination of 2 or 3 speaking powers. It is this combination that makes you stand out.

Understanding your speaking power, will

Help you create your unique style as a presenter.
You become recognisable and memorable.

Stop you comparing yourself to others.
Oh the time this frees up.

Make your presentations more effortless and impactful.
You can’t make mistakes in being yourself.

Giving solid presentations and presenting yourself powerfully is a crucial skill to have in almost any job. In order to advance your career, you have to be able to present your ideas, your solutions and your stories in a way that will make people want to listen.

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My promise to you

  • You’ll learn something that will be useful for the rest of your life 
  • Giving presentations will no longer be this dreadful thing. You’ll learn to like it (if you do as I say :)) 
  • You’ll learn the 12 speaking powers and guidelines on how to find yours 
  • I’ll show you what your future self is capable of and your mind will be blown!
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Will this be worth my time? 

You only get to spend your time once so choose wisely what you spend it on. Spending 60 minutes with me will make all your communication more effortless in the future. It will not cost you time. It will save you time!

Full transparency. This inspirational session has a purpose to grow the Stage Heroes community. At the end of the class I will make you an offer (one that I promise will be worth it)

But unlike other classes and webinars you may have attended in the past, I intend on giving you everything I have without reservations.

I will share my find-your speaking-power-method that I also use with my paying clients. Wether you become a Stage Heroes member after this masterclass or not, you will take value for yourself that will last a lifetime.

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 Who am I?

Imagine a 4-year-old girl assembling her dolls and stuffed animals in a circle. She stands up, looks around her room and starts speaking: “Kids, today I will teach you how to make a drawing of an elephant”.

That little girl is me. My name is Margreet Jacobs. Most people call me Maja. I have always loved being in front of groups. Teaching and preaching are kind of my thing. My professional career started 23 years ago as a Salsa teacher. Later I worked in corporate as a software sales consultant and the last 9 years i’ve been teaching people about non-verbal communication, storytelling, influencing and confidence.

It is my mission to help you skyrocket your career by showing you your unique speaking power. I founded Stage Heroes so that more brilliant people find their way to the stage and share their truths with the world. 

I work with people and companies in tech, retail and consultancy. Wether you are a scientist, a cxo, a project manager, a designer or an entrepeneur.

You are welcome in the Stage Heroes academy


Why you should invest in your presentation skills

  • Nobody else is going to magically shine a spotlight on your work
  • You deserve to be heard
  • Your colleagues, customers, management expects you to stand up for your ideas.
  • Life is too short for sleepless nights over a presentation
  • Focus on telling the right story in the right way and watch your career take off.

Remember: the more relaxed you are, the better you’re able to convince and influence your audience.  Want to learn how? Join me for the next webinar!

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