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Companies who invest in developing presentation skills have more:


Presentations take time to prepare, and require the time and attention from an audience. Lots of time goes to waste if presentations are not done right. Not just for the presenter, for the audience as well.  


Many presentations are inefficient and boring. Especially online presentations. Imagine an employee with a great idea, ánd with the skill to present this idea to stakeholders or customers. This doesn’t just make money, it also prevents money from being lost.


Everywhere we come, we see potential that goes by unnoticed.  Talented people who were never taught how to present themselves and their ideas. The result, they leave without anyone ever knowing how briljant they are. Investing in their communication skills keeps them around, as well as their ideas. 

Bringing in talent is a challenge. Retaining talent even more. Providing your people the opportunity to develop and create more value for the business at the same time, is a win-win for everyone.

Let’s set up an informal (virtual) coffee to see if and how we can help. 

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Stage Heroes learning journeys


 A one or two day presentation training is a lot of fun for the team. At the same time, it’s not the best format for long term growth. Learning new skills and adopting different mindsets take time. That is why Stage Heroes always offers a custom-designed learning journey. A journey is tailored to a specific teams’ learning needs or aligned with your company values and strategy. A learning journey is build up from these building blocks.

Online learning

In a secured platform, participants will watch online course videos combined with various assignments. They can ask their questions directly. Having done this work prior allows us to get the most out of the live classroom training.


Classroom training

During the live sessions, that can be both online or offline, we focus intensively on developing new personal and presentation skills. A nice side-effect of these training sessions is a stronger team. 

Assigned buddies

Having an accountability  buddy is proven to increase the success of learning a new skill. Buddies hold each other accountable, give feedback and support each other in the learning process. 

Practise lab

There is no progress without practice. These sessions are designed to challenge each participant to experiment with what they’ve learned. They receive live feedback from their peers and the trainer. 

Wat others have to say

Estelle Roux-Stevens

Estelle Roux-Stevens

Co-founder Mentorjam

“I took so much from my Stage Heroes training! Not only do I feel a lot more confident in myself as a speaker now, but I also love the idea of being on stage, as opposed to freaking out about it.


David Wouters

David Wouters

People Manager at PVH

“I am finally learning to speak as I was meant to speak. Unleashing the power of expressing myself authentically rather than trying to imitate, through digging deep within. This is exactly what I wanted and what I am now getting from Stage Heroes!”.

Egbert van Beurden

Egbert van Beurden

HR Director Vibe Group

“I am very impressed by the quality of the Stage Heroes training and the positive energy that Margreet brings into the room. This training completely nails the important subject of how one comes across to clients and candidates and how this can have a major impact.”

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