Stage Heroes PRO

Going ALL IN on your presentation skills

Confidence + skills = Impact

When giving presentations is an essential part of your job, you understand that mastering public speaking is crucial for your success. Here’s my promise to you!

After joining us in Stage Heroes PRO, you will have the confidence and the skills to speak with ease and conviction.  This will make you  unforgettable, unstoppable and uncopyable! 

Stage Heroes PRO is for you… .

When you work in an international environment and giving presentations is or will be an essential part of your job.

When you are a business owner and you want use public speaking as a way to grow your business. 

When you have the ambition to build a career as a speaker.

How do I know I’m ready for Stage Heroes PRO? 

When you feel ready to commit your time and energy to do the work and find out what you are really capable of, Stage Heroes PRO has your name written all over it! 

“Be careful when you consider working with Margreet. Not only will you become a great public speaker, but you will also end up being a wiser, more confident and self-appreciative human being. Margreet is a public speaking expert, practical philosopher and life coach in one.”

Wouter Smeets

Founder & CEO, Protoype you

  When you sign up you’ll get : 

Stage Heroes online video presentation training
Stage Heroes presentation feedback
Stage Heroes incompany presentationtraining Amsterdam
Stage Heroes 1:1 presentation coaching

Stage Heroes Academy 

When you sign up, you get immediate access to ALL Stage Heroes online learning content (worth EUR 950,-)

Start right away with learning, practising and improving. 

You become a member of the Stage Heroes community where you get to interact with all the Stage Heroes who went before you. 


Personal feedback on presentations 

The best way to learn and grow is to get feedback on actual presentations you’ve done.

You will get personal feedback on  2 real presentations that you have given (NDA’s can be signed if needed). Our team of presentation experts will watch your presentation videos and share what you should keep doing, what to stop doing, what to improve and off course how to do that. 


3 intensive live training days

3 live training days with Margreet in Amsterdam or Utrecht. A full emersion into public speaking that will leave you deeply inspired and empowered to start owning your speaking power.

These days are about presenting, getting feedback, repeat. Until you feel so relaxed and comfortable on stage that nothing can through you off. 


5 years after care sessions with Maja

When the program is over, your journey as a Stage Hero has just begon. So we keep supporting you with these monthly live sessions.

Online Coach calls Ask Maja anything that comes up during the online training or when giving presentations and get coached on the spot.

Stage Heroes practice Lab
Practice upcoming presentations and get immediate feedback. 


Join us in the arena

If you struggle with nerves, lack of self-confidence or a general feeling of awkwardness when presenting, you’ve come to the right place.

Is your career is not moving forward because you can’t verbalise the impact that you’re making? Welcome to Stage Heroes. This is exactly why we are here!

“Stage Heroes makes presenting fun, easy and a whole lot less scary”

We combine personal coaching with onsite group training,  online video training and immediate, constructive feedback on your presentations. This is Stage Heroes PRO. 

Data Live sessions 2023

16,17,18 February 2023
Amsterdam – FULL

20,21,22 April  2023
Utrecht – 4 spots left

6,7,8, September 2023
Utrecht – 7 spots left

Coach calls & Practise Lab
See all dates here

Besides the undeniable professionalism and organization of the event, what struck me the most was the genuine and honest communication that Maja kept with every single member of the class. Thanks to this atmosphere of openness, I had the chance to explore my weaknesses and start a path of growth to slowly transform them into strengths.

I recommend this experience to anyone willing to take a step into the world of public communication and to anyone who is looking for an honest opinion on their speaking skills. I hope I will have the chance to work with Margreet again in the future.

Mario Alberto Tamà

Brand Manager, MM Guide

What do I get for my money? 

  • 3 full days training onsite
  • Personal feedback & coaching on 2 presentations sent in on video
  • A professional photo of yourself on stage to use for your socials or promotion

  • Online learning platform with all courses and modules including future updates
  • 5 year membership to the online Stage Heroes community including all coach calls & online practice Labs

€ 2.995,00 excl. VAT –  or 3 x 999,00

Is there a bonus?

    There sure is! Get ready to be surprised 🙂 

How does Stage Heroes make it happen? 

How will you go from a bundle of nerves to a confident public speaker? How do you become someone who knows how to convey a powerful message? 

I designed this course by combining all my favourite, most effective exercises and interventions. During the intensive live sessions, you will receive my full dedication. When you sign up, you get instant access to the online learning platform so you don’t have to wait before you get started and we will set up a 30 minute call to discuss your goals for the course. 


How do I sign up?

You sign up by clicking on the button and making a payment or by sending an email to if the invoice needs to be addressed to your employer.


Maja connects thorough knowledge and amazing warmth.  I was amazed at how smooth the training was. It felt as if you just absorb the information, knowledge and skills. You do not have to think much, you flow through it with images that get imprinted in your imagination.

And that is a great way to teach! In this way, you just know how to do it. I found the training very professional together with a personal and human touch. You leave the training empowered with the knowledge, skills and a smile. I highly recommend it!

Monika Kijewska

Job coach, Concentrix

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