We make presenting fun, easy

 and a whole lot less scary!


Welcome to Stage Heroes!


When you have an audience, you have a responsibility.

This means that it is your job to take care of your audience. To make it worth their while.

That responsibility is exactly why most people (maybe even you) find speaking in public one of the most nerve wrecking experiences in the world. 

That’s where Stage Heroes comes in. I named my company Stage Heroes because it requires courage to get up there and really allow your audience to see you. It requires courage to share your ideas. And courage is what creates the hero. 

Did you come here to learn how to capture your audience in the moment, and leave a lasting impact on them? 

Don’t go anywhere. Your inner Stage Hero is about to be unleashed!


“Your nerves are never the problem. Your thoughts about the nerves are what really
holds you back.” 

Stage Heroes has been pivotal to my personal development and self-awareness when presenting, communicating, and listening! It is a must for any individual looking at becoming a better version of themselves!

Alvaro Pin Hurtado

Head of growth, Hatch

Alright, how can I help? 


For 8 years I’ve been teaching the Next Level Presentation program to large companies. 

Now I’m opening up this training for everyone to join. Next live cohort starts on 26 April 2023

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I created Stage Heroes PRO for leaders who would normally choose 1:1 coaching. 

In this program I combine the best of an individual approach with the power of a small group. 

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for companies

 Presenting is an essential skill for most professionals. Yet most people have never learned it.

We create learning journeys for teams and as open enrolment training for your L&D catalogue.

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Jade Roux

Jade Roux

Global marketing lead at Mambu

"It is very rare to find an incredible talent like Margreet. As a comfortable presenter generally, I was blown away by how many more levels there are to presenting. Besides the technical skills, the endless tips and the active guidance of style, she knew exactly when and how to direct every part of my personal process. Margreet, is a highly recommended contact to have whether you think you're great at presenting or whether you absolutely dread it. What a gift you have given me! Thank you Margreet. I am both a fan and endorser of your work!"


Hemmo Bosscher

Hemmo Bosscher

Head of communications at Adyen

"Margreet's way of working is uniquely very scientific and human to the core. She's a very gifted presenter who operates with a high level of empathy. You get the feeling that she honestly wants you to succeed. It's been a blast, and tremendously insightful as far as my own strengths and weaknesses are concerned. If you want to become a better public speaker, I can think of no one better to help you get there."

Aksel Parmaksiz

Aksel Parmaksiz

VP Global Innovation at PVH

"Margreet has magically changed my life during our first session. She is gifted in both sensing and intuition. She is well experienced in analysing situations with her positive, sensitive, calming and friendly approach. She has let me open myself and guided me through the change that I always wanted to do, but never had the courage to. I will always be grateful to her for the change that she brought in my life and I highly recommend her to anyone or any corporation who is looking for an impact; personally or professionally."

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