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The C-19 pandemic has made our way of communicating to evolve rapidly. We went from meeting onsite to online in a matter of days. Even now as offices are slowly reopening, working from home and thus presenting from home is here to stay. But making an impact through a screen is not always easy. Inspiring change, building trust and creating engagement is essential to presenting online.

Stage Heroes has created an offering to help you and your teams to do just that.

Stage Heroes presenting from home camera presenting coaching

Deliver impactful presentations on camera

Monthly townhalls, product presentations or a personal message to your people, we’re doing it all online now.  In these challenging times, it is more important than ever, to stay connected to your people so that they know that you are there FOR them. That you are in this WITH them. 

But presenting in front of a camera is a very different ballgame compared to presenting on a stage. Being genuine, inspiring and understandable, whilst looking into a camera that gives no feedback at all is challenging to say the least.
Luckily you don’t have to figure this out yourself.

Let me coach you! online or onsite

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#presentingfromhome CRASH COURSE

An evolution of how we communicate and present is happening. Right now! It’s time to embrace this and invest in learning how to properly communicate and present ideas without being in the same physical space as your audience. 

In a crash course of 2 hours, I take you and your team through all the do’s and don’ts in online presenting.

Your team and their audiences will thank you later!

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Stage Heroes presenting from home crash course online presenting
Stage Heroes Online training e-learning presentation skills

Online training:

Next level presentations.

Learning online is here to stay. Stage Heroes has created a powerful online training that takes you from stage zero to stage hero in 35 video lessons and assignments.

You also receive:

  • Lifetime access to Next Level Presentations including updates in the future;
  • Access to the Stage Heroes community for a shared learning experience;
  • Access to a monthly live Q&A session with Margreet; (In premium options)
  • Bonus mini-course: #Presentingfromhome.
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