Making an impact online

Online presentations are here to stay!

Our way of communicating is evolving rapidly. Live online presentations or pre-recorded ones are here to stay. Because it’s more efficient and when done right, highly effective.

Making a real impact through a screen is not always easy though. Building trust and keeping your audience engaged is challenging. Stage Heroes is here to help.

#Presentingfromhome video training

This online video training is made for you if you are looking to seriously level up your online presentation skills.

In 4 modules I will take you through everything you need to know about giving the best possible online presentation. 

And there’s a bonus!
I will continue to update the bonus module regularly to include all the latest technology and research.

What you’ll learn

Module 1: Focus
How to keep focus when presenting or listening online.

Module 2: Engagement
Keep your audience glued to their screen the whole time.

Module 3: Trust
Get your audience to trust you. 

Module 4: Setup
Light, background & camera setup

Using slides, mental prep & framing.

Live crash course

Presenting / speaking online is challenging for most professionals. There’s no eye contact, sharing slides can kill engagement and people are less likely to speak up and ask questions.

During an interactive crash-course of 2-3 hours, participants will learn all there is to know about online presenting. Your teams and their audiences will thank you later!

The main topics: 

  1. Focus – How to maintain your own focus and helping your audience focus.
  2. Engagement – Get and keep your audience glued to their screen.
  3. Trust – How to win your audiences’ trust
  4. Setup – All about light, background and how to setup your camera.

“We’ve had an amazing course on online presenting with my team. It has been incredibly interesting to learn about the ins & outs of online presenting (yes, this is totally different from on-stage presenting!). Margreet really makes the course applicable to your needs, making it very interactive and also a lot of fun!
Would totally recommend!”

Luna Ray Laysiepen

Growth marketing specialist , Hatch

Stage Heroes presentation coaching Amsterdam

1:1 coaching 

Monthly townhalls, product presentations or a personal message to your team, it can all be done online. How do you inspire and build connection when you’re not in the same room?

When presenting online it’s even more important to be genuine, inspiring and understandable. All whilst looking into a camera that gives no feedback at all. Luckily there is help available. Let me coach you to be the best virtual speaker you can be!

Check out these free #presentingfromhome hacks!

In these video’s you’ll learn:


  • Why giving your presentations sitting down might not be the best option for you 
  • How to keep your audience engaged
  • How to make sure you’ll always know what to say
  • The number 1 thing to do right now in order to build trust with your online audience.