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Where public speaking becomes fun, easy and a whole lot less scary!

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Are you ready to become  unstoppable, unforgettable and uncopyable?

Your career/business can only move forward when you’re able to articulate your ideas, solutions and plans to others. To your (senior) leadership, your clients and your colleagues.

The problem is that there are so many brilliant people who stay silent. Nobody knows what they are capable of. And you might be one of them. 

You deserve to feel excited when speaking in public rather than terrified. Your ideas deserve to be heard. You deserve to be heard. Being a part of the Stage Heroes community will give you the confidence to start raising your hand and speaking up. 

It’s time to bring out your inner Stage Hero. Are you ready?

Let’s unleash your inner Stage Hero in the

Stage Heroes Academy

The Stage Heroes Academy is for you when →

–> You have lots of ideas but you don’t know how to present them in a compelling way.

–> Giving presentations is an important part of your job but you don’t really enjoy it yet.

–> You want to get better at telling stories, influencing and inspiring action from your audience.

–> You want to grow your business, change your career or are ready to wheel in that promotion.

After following the Stage Heroes course I felt so much more confident in taking the step to present on the (digital) stage. It was a big step for me, but with the tools, I feel secure about what is still to come. Thank you so much Maja!

Daniel Zeevaarder

Operational manager , Tommy Hilfiger

Ready to level up?  Here’s what you get when you sign up!

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Start with the super practical video training

In the Stage Heroes academy you have unlimited access to all our online public speaking courses. An incredible amount of practical lessons to help you bring your presentations to the next level.

1. next level presentations 2. #presentingfromhome
3. rewire your brain
4. story structures
5. find your speakingpower

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Level up further during our  inspiring live sessions

We won’t let you go through the course alone. As long as your membership runs, you have access to the inspiring Stage Heroes live sessions;

1. Live coach calls with Maja
2. Live Practice Lab
3. Stage Hero interviews
4. Stage Heroes masterclasses.- With discount

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Team up with other Stage Heroes in the community

Becoming a Stage Hero is a journey. Becoming a member of the Stage Heroes academy means that there is an entire community that has your back.

Find yourself a buddy to work with and give each other feedback, share success stories and help prepare for critical speaking moments.

There are over 1200 Stage Heroes in the community.

Step 1: Your Video training

Stage Heroes online video training Presentation skills
Stage Heroes online video presentation training

Next Level presentations

This course is the backbone of the Stage Heroes academy. You could call it the fundamentals. I will take you through the 3 Stage Hero pillars. 
Mindset: Do you ever wonder why you speak so easily to friends or just one person and stumble once the crowd gets bigger? This has nothing to do with your skills and everything with your mindset. You’ve told yourself stories about what it means to be in front of a crowd. Working on the right mindset is essential to becoming an inspiring speaker.
Content: Confidence also comes from knowing your story is rock solid. I will teach you how to create presentations and stories in a way that nobody will ever forget your message. You’ll learn how to subtly influence your audience and how to remember the chapters in your presentations. Three essential elements to master in order to become a true Stage Hero. 
Delivery: A well timed pause can say more than a thousand words. So can your hand gestures, your posture and working with spacial anchors. I’ll teach you all of this during the last module of this course. 


Stage Heroes story structures online training

5 Story structures

This course dives deeper in the structuring of your presentations. I’ll teach you how to structure any type of presentation, talk or speech with these 5 presentation templates. Use them directly for your next presentation

Rewire your brain Stage Heroes online presentation course


Have you been holding yourself back? Telling yourself that you don’t belong in the spotlight? We’v all been there. It’s time to learn how your inner critic can work FOR your instead of against you. Let’s turn your fear into excitement. 

Stage Heroes presenting from home online training


In the first year of the pandemic I taught over 100 crash courses on how to present online. This course is the answer to EVERY question I received on this topic. 
This course will turn you into an online powerhouse!

Stage Heroes online presentation training speaking powers

Find your Speaking Power

Imagine how you would feel on stage if you knew you had a speaking power. You would feel like a true Stage Hero. This course takes you on the journey of discovering your speaking powers of the past, the present ánd your future. Ready to power up?

Coming soon

LIVE sessions

Practice Lab

During the practice lab, you have the opportunity to test your new skills, gather feedback and learn from others. It’s a safe space to make mistakes, try out that one joke or practice your improvisation skills. The only thing that makes progress is practice. Come to these sessions regularly and I promise you will see results. 

Live coach calls

Stepping up your public speaking game, goes a whole lot easier if you have someone in your corner. During the live coach calls, you get the opportunity to be coached live by me and learn from seeing other people being coached. Magic always happens during these calls. Join us and take some of that magic for yourself! 

Stage Heroes 1:1 presentation coaching

Stage Hero interviews

Regularly I interview people who have made their way to the stage. You have an opportunity to ask them all your questions. From pre-stage-routines, to how they handle their nerves to what was their biggest public speaking fail.

Stage Heroes Masterclasses

Stage Heroes masterclasses are small online group training sessions about a specific topic.

Nailing your online presentations
Create pocket stories for your workshop
Discover your unique speaking power 
How to make a brilliant first impression

Max participants: 25

Stage Heroes academy members can join these masterclasses for 29,- instead of 79,- 


GUARANTEE: The Stage Heroes online academy comes with a money back  guarantee. If you haven’t learned something amazing in the  first 2 weeks, just send an email and get a refund, no questions asked! 

I loved how Maja changed my view of giving presentations from something uncomfortable and frightening to something that can actually be a lot of fun. I am still using many of her tips. Definitely recommend the course! 

Giuliana Heger

Merchandise Manager, Calvin Klein


Can I ask my employer to pay for the course?

YES! Please do. Because your employer will benefit a great deal when you become a better speaker. I’ve recorded a video on how to sell this course to your employer.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can pay in 3 installments.

What if I have questions during the course?

I expect you to! For the first 3 months of your Stage Heroes membership, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the live Ask me anything & Practice lab sessions. This is not just for you to ask questions but also to practice speaking up in front of a bunch of strangers!

I’m an entrepreneur. Do I get back my 21% vat?

Yes, these are training costs which means you can request the VAT back.

I’m not an entrepreneur and I pay for the course myself. Is there a tax benefit?

As an employee, you can submit educational costs to your tax return. For some people this means that it’s a deductible cost.

I would like my whole team to have access to the Stage Heroes academy. Is that possible?

Yes, we have special rates for companies looking to buy licenses for teams. Let’s have a call to discuss the options.

What if I sign up and I don’t like the course?

This can happen. You sign up and realize that this was not the right course for you at all.
Send us an email within the first 2 weeks after signing up and you’ll get your money back. No questions asked.

Does the course get updates and are they included?

Yes. I do regular updates. Updates to the current courses are included in the price.
New courses that I launch in the future are not.

Do I receive a certificate after completion?

Yes! You receive a certificate after you complete the entire course.

Would you like to get the Stage Heroes Online video training for your whole team/staff? Let’s talk!