A 12 week program designed for MD’s and CXO’s

Solid public speaking skills are essential for you to succeed as a leader.
Most of us, however, have never been properly trained in this field.

We know you are extremely busy and learning new skills needs to to be done in an efficient way.
That is why we have designed the Stage Heroes Exclusive program.

A 9-week program with only 6 participants. You’ll make progress fast as the program will be tailored to each participants needs.

Can’t I  just sign up for 1:1 coaching sessions? 

I know you might prefer working in a 1:1 setting. However public speaking is best learned in groups. During the program, we do have 1:1 sessions to work on your personal challenges.  When it comes to practising the group is essential because we also learn from looking at others.


Where do I sign up?

Because the program is so intensive and in such a small group, I find it extremely important taht the chemistry is right. Therefore I always schedule a qualifier call first and you can’t sign up directly via the website.

Schedule your qualifier call.
Stage Heroes Exclusive_Managing director speaks to employees

“Margreet's way of working is uniquely simultaneously very scientific and human to the core. She's a very gifted presenter who operates with a high level of empathy. You get the feeling that she honestly wants you to succeed. It's been a blast, and tremendously insightful as far as my own strengths and weaknesses are concerned. If you want to become a better public speaker, I can think of no one better to help you get there.”

Hemmo Bosscher Head of communications at Adyen

The program consists of different elements:

6 live group training sessions

3 short sessions online
3 afternoon sessions in Amsterdam including lunch

Video analysis

3 x analysis of presentation videos with individual pointers to work on in future presentations.

Private coaching sessions

You’ll receive 2 private (online or in Amsterdam) coaching sessions.

Online knowledge database

You get access to a 30+ video database full of theory videos and assignments to follow at your own pace throughout the program. 

Fun surprising.

I love surprising my participants with fun extras. But a surprise is not a surprise if you know what it is so we can’t tell you more about that now 🙂

It is very rare to find an incredible talent like Margreet.

As a comfortable presenter generally, I was blown away by how many more levels there are to presenting. Besides the technical skills, the endless tips and the active guidance of style, she knew exactly when and how to direct every part of my personal process.

Margreet, is highly recommended to have whether you think you're great at presenting or whether you absolutely dread it.

What a gift you have given me! Thank you Margreet. I am both a fan and endorser of your work!

Jade RouxConsultant Special projects @ Mambu

Margreet has magically changed my life during our first coaching session. She is gifted in both sensing and intuition. She is well experienced in analysing situations and with her positive, sensitive, calming and friendly approach, she let me open myself and guided me through the change that I always wanted to do, but never had the courage to.

Thanks to her, I explored the deeper levels of my life and now enjoying the moment that I always desired. I will always be grateful to her for the change that she brought in my life and I highly recommend her to anyone or any corporation who is looking for an impact in the life; personally or professionally.

Aksel ParmaksizVice President, Global Innovation Management at PVH

Margreet regularly performs a training session called ‘Your Best Impression’, for all of Vibe Group’s (new) sales staff. Recently I participated in this training and I was very impressed by the quality of her training and the positive energy that she brought into the room.
With this training, she completely nails the important subject of how one comes across to clients and candidates and how this can have a major impact. Very well done and please keep it up!

Egbert van BeurdenHR Director @Vibe group

The program:

Week 1 - 2 : Do you MIND?

We have our first group session and you meet your new buddy. We work on finding the right mindset for presenting. You'll learn how fear and anxiety works and how to overcome it. You'll learn to visualize and how to use the mind as a powerful tool to help you reach your goals.
In our second group session, we work through the REWIRE method. A method that has been designed to find beliefs that hold you back right now and to start letting them go.
These weeks are generally the most intense weeks.

week 3 : Super stage powers

Everyone possesses one or more communication superpowers. Together with your buddy, you'll go on a discovery path to finding your unique superpowers. Every superpower also has its pitfalls. You'll learn how you can use your superpowers to your advantage so that it increases the impact you make on stage.

week 4-6: Building solid content

The shorter your presentation, the more time you need to prepare. In these 3 weeks, we focus on creating compelling strong content that will captivate and inspire your audience. You'll learn about the different types of presentation structures and find out which ones work best with your message.

Day week 7 - 8 : Deliver it right

From week 11 onwards we are focussing on how you deliver your message. How you stand, move your hands, use the space, and most importantly, how you connect to your audience. During our live sessions, you will practise, get feedback, practise more and get more feedback. These sessions are designed to make you more aware of your own presentation style and to help you become stronger on a (virtual)stage.

Week 9: Showtime!

In the last days of our journey together we will organise a moment for you to shine. On a virtual or physical stage. We will recap everything you have learned and bring it together in one final presentation. The mic is calling!
Schedule your Stage Heroes Exclusive qualifier call.