To wow your audience!

Create impactful presentations with easy to use structures!


Do you find it challenging to decide what goes where in your presentations? Would you like to make it easier for yourself to remember your stories? This course has your name written all over it! 

Let me teach you how to structure like a pro.

After this course you’ll easily structure presentations for:

  • Selling a product or service
  • Pitching a solution to a problem
  • Presenting yourself
  • Showcasing a vision 
  • Telling a story 
  • Teaching a new skill or procedure
  • Influencing an audience to cease an opportunity

After 60 minutes you’ll integrate these structures into your own presentations and wow your audience!  

Stage Heroes 5 story structures online training

These are the 5 structures:
Because I want you to know exactly what you get when you purchase this course. 

1. I have a dream

We all know MLK’s famous I have a dream speech. This structure helps you in a simple way to engage your audience in your vision for the future.

2. Heroes Journey

One of the most famous structures of all is the Heroes Journey. This structure allows you to share a story of the past with a valuable lesson at the end.

3. S.P.I.N.

When you want to sell an idea or solution, it is important NOT to start with the solution. This structure teaches you exactly what you should do instead.  

4. S.O.I.N.

 This structure is similar to the SPIN structure and teaches how to convince your audience of an opportunity that lies ahead. 

5. Teach

We finish the course with the teaching structure. This structure will allow you to teach anything new to an audience. From a skill, to a new working procedure. 

Stage Heroes story structures online training

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Estelle Roux-Stevens

Estelle Roux-Stevens

CEO at Mentorjam

“Not only do I feel a lot more confident in myself as a speaker now, but I also love the idea of being on stage, as opposed to freaking out about it.


David Wouters

David Wouters

People Manager at PVH

“I am finally learning to speak as I was meant to speak. Unleashing the power of expressing myself authentically rather than trying to imitate, through digging deep within.”.

Alvaro Pin Hurtado

Alvaro Pin Hurtado

Head of growth at Stitch 3D

Stage Heroes has been pivotal in my personal development. From everyday tips to exploring outside of my comfort zone, Stage Heroes is a must for any individual looking at becoming a better version of themselves!

More reasons to sign up....

After this course:

  • You are equipped to structure any kind of presentation. Whether it’s about your greatest life lessons or the latest quarterly figures, you’ll create a story that knocks it out of the park!
  • You know exactly what keeps an audience curious from beginning to end.
  • You know how to add the right ‘flow’ to your presentation.
  • Your audience will understand what they are missing out on if they don’t work with you, your team or your company.

The course lasts about 60 minutes and comes with a printable hand-out to fall back on when you are preparing for your presentation.

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