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 Who am I? 

My name is Maja. My speaking powers are The teacher, The improvisor and The comedian. In that order. 

I love the magic of a silent audience with nodding heads and clear facial expressions. I love the questions that come afterwards because they are proof that I’ve touched something. 

It’s the most beautiful thing in the world to be able to add value to someone else’s (work)life. I can’t wait to show you what it’s like!

What is a Stage Hero? 

Being the most powerful version of yourself on stage is not about fearless. It’s about feeling the fear, understanding the risk and doing it anyway. Because you understand that it is your responsibility to share your message.

A stage doesn’t have to be a real stage with a big audience.

Your stage can also be:

  • Asking your manager for a pay raise
  • Presenting a project update to your peers
  • Saying a few words at your friends’ wedding
  • Pitching to a potential client
  • Answering the question: “So what do you do?” at a birthday party


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How can I work with Stage Heroes?

80% of the work I do at the is within international organisations. (Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Exact, Adidas, Adyen, to name a few) 

This year I’ve opened up my training and coaching programs to individuals too.

 I don’t coach 1:1 because I strongly believe in the power of groups. Especially when it comes to learning about speaking in front of group.

 The 2 programs I’m currently running are

Next Level Presentations – An online live coaching program
Stage Heroes PRO – An offline intensive course in Amsterdam for leaders.

Now that you know so much about me, tell me about you. 

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