Claim your Confidence.

22, 23, 24 January 2024

What would you do with unlimited confidence? 

 Confidence.. The magic word. We would all like more of it.

But most people, don’t have a clue how to get it. 

There are 2 types of confidence. 

1.  Confidence in a specific area that you build by doing things while scared (For example: If I jump out of an airplane for the first time, I’m scared. For the 20th time, I’m super confident)
2. Your self confidence that is just sitting in a secret hiding place deep down in your subconcious waiting for you to find it. We all have it because we’re born with it. We just forget about it as we grow up and learn to be humble and self critical. 


Let me help you bring out your self confidence!

Think about it! What are the things that you did not do in 2023 because it was too scary, too difficult or too much? 

Take a moment. I’ll wait….. 




Stage Heroes 5 story structures online training

Now what you could tap into an unlimited source of self confidence?

Would you

  • Make that key-note?
  • Start that business?
  • Ask for that promotion?
  • Apply for that job?
  • Take that leap of faith? 

Give me a chance to show you how powerful you can be! 

The Challenge
22, 23, 24 January 2024 

Day 1 - Breaking Beliefs

22 January 2024 10:00 – 11:30 CET

From the day we are born until we are about 7 years old, our belief system is formed. This is the filter through which we see the world. 

Some of our beliefs are helping and others don’t. On the contrary. They prevent us from reaching our goals. 

During this first day, we look at what we believe and how it is preventing us from finding our confidence. Once you bring to the surface what is hidden, it stops controlling us. 

Day 2 - your unique power

23 January 2024 10:00 – 11:30 CET

As much as we are the same as humans, we are also all unique in our talents, our character and our presence.
Very few people though understand their own uniqueness. And because of that we tend to compare ourselves to others. This almost always hurts our confidence. 

Understanding your unique power, will help you harness your confidence because you no longer feel the need to prove yourself to others. 

Day 3 - EMBODIED confidence

24 January 2024 10:00 – 11:30 CET

How does confidence feel? Where does it sit in the body? During this last session you’ll learn how to harness the power of confidence by understanding where it lives in the body.

Once you know where it sits, you can revisit it at any given moment and use it to get stuff done that scares you! 

Let’s see what other Stage Heroes have to say…

Estelle Roux-Stevens

Estelle Roux-Stevens

CEO at Mentorjam

“Not only do I feel a lot more confident in myself as a speaker now, but I also love the idea of being on stage, as opposed to freaking out about it.


David Wouters

David Wouters

People Manager at PVH

“I am finally learning to speak as I was meant to speak. Unleashing the power of expressing myself authentically rather than trying to imitate, through digging deep within.”.

Alvaro Pin Hurtado

Alvaro Pin Hurtado

Head of growth at Stitch 3D

Stage Heroes has been pivotal in my personal development. From everyday tips to exploring outside of my comfort zone, Stage Heroes is a must for any individual looking at becoming a better version of themselves!

More reasons to sign up....

After this challenge:

  • You have the tools to climb any stage, or any (metaphorical) mountain
  • You understand your unique power and have the tools to learn about it more
  • You are excited to face 2024 head on!

The course has 3 x 90 minutes of live sessions (Or you can watch the recordings later)
You’ll be assigned a confidence buddy to work with during the 3 days and after if you wish.

Okay you've got me, I'm in!