The 3 biggest presentation mistakes (and how to stop making them).

By 28 August 2020 Video

During this interview for In the Spotlight, Margreet Jacobs speaks with Suzanne Beukema about presentation mistakes, moments that give her goosebumps and the road from having her own arts & crafts club at 7 years old to becoming a presentation trainer who works with c-level executives.

In this interview you’ll find:

  • The 3 things that companies ware missing out on when they don’t upgrade the quality of their presentations.
  • The 3 biggest presentation failures;
  • How many speakers sabotage their own performance.
  • How focussing on yourself is related to failing as a speaker and what we can do about it.
  • Why being thorough can work against you.
  • What it means to kill your darlings and why you want to apply this to your presentation today.
  • Why you are not the only one who gets nervous on stage.
  • What you can do to experience less anxiety.
  • Why storytelling is not the holy grail and what is.


The interview is in Dutch with optional English subtitles.

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