STAGE HEROES – online public speaking training.

STAGE HEROES online is live and available to everyone! 3 modules with 35 videos and assignments to help you step up your public speaking game.

Choose one out of 3 learning options.

  • STAGE HEROES online LIGHT – Learn when you want, where you want.
  • STAGE HEROES online PREMIUM – Not just theory, get in the ring.
  • STAGE HEROES online PRO – Really commit to stepping it up.
Wouter Smeets Speaking in public Stage Heroes testimonial

“Be careful when you consider working with Margreet. Not only will you become a great public speaker, but you will also end up being a wiser, more confident and self-appreciative human being. Margreet is public speaking expert, practical philosopher and life coach in one.”

Wouter SmeetsFounder of Glimpse & Prototype you.

The program:

Week 1 - 3: Do you MIND?

We work on finding the right mindset for presenting. You'll learn how fear and anxiety works and how to overcome it. You'll learn to visualise and how to use the mind as a powerful tool to help you reach your goals.
In the PRO version we have a full session dedicated to using the REWIRE method.

Week 4 - 5 : Super stage powers

Everyone has one or more communication superpowers. You'll understand the different superpowers out there and you will discover which one is yours. On top of that, you'll learn how to use them to your advantage.
In the PRO version, every participant gets a 20-minute hot-seat moment to unravel their personal superpower and learns how to use it to increase the power of their presentations.

Day 6 -8 : Building solid content

The shorter your presentation, the more time you need to prepare. These 3 weeks are spent on creating compelling strong content that will captivate and inspire your audience.
In the PRO-edition we will look at how to make your specific presentation or speech more impactful.

Week 09 - 10 : Deliver it right

From week 9 onwards we are focussing on how you deliver your message. How you stand, move your hands, use the space, and most importantly, how you connect to your audience. We'll spend a lot of time practicing. You'll do real-life presentations.
In the Pro - edition you'll do live presentations in front of your peers and receive immediate constructive feedback.

Week 11 - 12: Showtime!

The 2 weeks of the journey are all about practice practice practice. A great presentation is rehearsed. We work on how to rehearse best and we'll recap what we've learned. We end with closing presentations done by every participant.
In the PRO - edition, you'll work with your buddy to bring your presentation to the next level. In the last week we'll have a public event where you present in front of a real audience.

“Children should be seen not heard - is what I was told as a child. That meant I never learned the valuable skills I need as a confident adult to use my voice and be heard. Stage Hero is one of the best investment I've made in my personal development to date - not only did I discover hidden talents but also that I have a special Super Power! ”

Estelle RouxCo-founder of Mentorjam
Stage Heroes Estelle Roux

Your options

Learn when you want where you want.


  • Access to the online training right away
  • Follow the training in your own pace
  • Access to the online community of fellow Stage Heroes





€ 229,- excl. VAT

Not just theory, get in the arena!


  • Access to the online training right away
  • Access to the online community
  • a Stage Hero buddy to work with
  • Monthly live AMA (ask me anything) sessions with Margreet
  • Try-out your presentation in the practise lab where you receive 1:1 feedback
  • 20-minute hot-seat session to help you unlock your full public speaking potential.

€ 529,- excl. VAT

Where the real magic happens.


  • You’ll get everything that is in Stage Heroes BASIC & NEXT LEVEL
  • 3 live online training sessions in a small group (max 10 participants)
  • 1 online private coach session (30 min) with Margreet
  • Online community for only you and your group
  • A surprise!

Next group starts: Monday 2 November 2020
3 spots left.

995,- excl VAT

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