Veronica Guguian

Why scale-ups need to start with a solid strategy

So many new ideas, projects are opportunities that come our way daily to keep us busy for a lifetime. But how to know to which to say yes to, what to pass to someone else, and when to say no.
Join me to hear how strategy can help us make the right decisions.

Estelle Roux Stevens

Creating Magic through Mentoring

The most important requirement for a successful mentoring relationship is having a magical spark… between Mentor and Mentee. In this session, we will discover how you can use Mentoring to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Arnoud Visser

Being an undercover stoic. (In search of peace of mind)

Life can be overwhelming. Especially now.
Arnoud will make the case for a little bit of Marcus, Diogenes and Epictus to your life (these are stoics). It will help you find peace of mind. At least a bit more than you have now.
Stoicism is not boring. It’s useful.

Sandy Duijsens

The Power of 5 Times Why. A practical tool to fix problems better.

When you start fixing problems, start by asking yourself five times why.
Sandy will explain this technique that will help you solve a problem by its root cause.

Wouter Smeets

Business for a better world: making or faking change?

Wouter takes you on a journey through the domain of business and innovation. A domain which has seen a spectacular rise of enterprises aiming to make our world a sustainable place to live. However, are they the solution or actually part of the problem?

Margreet (Maja) Jacobs

Your host

In the past 6 months, I have guided these amazing speakers towards this event. It is my honor and pleasure to introduce them to you and share some of their progress with our online audience.