"Because confidence doen't come in a bottle".



Just three things companies are losing when they don’t invest in presentation skills.

Presentations are costly. They take time and money to prepare and require time and attention from an audience. Sadly lots of presentations are inefficient and uninspiring. Money and time wasted!

At the same time, I see lots and lots of talent within organisations that go unnoticed. Why? Because these brilliant people simply don’t know how to present themselves and their ideas.

Do you have any idea how many hidden gems you have in your company that are just one good offer away from leaving you?

Let me show you how I can help!


A one or two day presentation training might be fun for the team, but is rarely effective. Learning new skills and adopting different mindsets take time. That is why Stage Heroes offers custom-designed learning journeys. A  journey can be designed specifially to a teams learning needs or to your companies values and strategy in the form of an open enrollment training to add to your L&D catalogue.

A learning journey often contains these four elements:


Participants receive prerecorded videos with theory and assignments. This helps them prepare for the live sessions where we immediately go in-dept. This approach allows us to get the most out of our time together.



During the live sessions, we focus intensively on developing new personal and presentation skills by making sure each participants’ individual learning needs are met. A side-effect of these training sessions is a stronger team. Learning how to present requires vulnerability and vulnerability creates connection


Having a buddy is proven to increase the success of learning a new skill. Buddies hold each other accountable, give feedback and support to one another in the learning process.

Buddies can be randomly assigned or based on strengths and weaknesses of each participant.


There is no progress without practice. These sessions are designed to challenge each participant to experiment with what they’ve learned. During the online or offline practise lab sessions, participants present real upcoming presentations to each-other. They receive live feedback from their peers and the trainer and a video of their performance for further analysis.

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VIP Coaching & training

For managing directors and CXO’s, we organise the Stage Heroes EXCLUSIVE program twice a year. We accept 6 participants.

Presentiv_Keynot_lezing_margreet Jacobs presentatie

Margreet as a speaker on your event


It is very rare to find an incredible talent like Margreet.

As a comfortable presenter generally, I was blown away by how many more levels there are to presenting. Besides the technical skills, the endless tips and the active guidance of style, she knew exactly when and how to direct every part of my personal process.

Margreet, is a highly recommended contact to have whether you think you're great at presenting or whether you absolutely dread it.

What a gift you have given me! Thank you Margreet. I am both a fan and endorser of your work!

Jade RouxCMO

Margreet's way of working is uniquely very scientific and human to the core. She's a very gifted presenter who operates with a high level of empathy.
You get the feeling that she honestly wants you to succeed.

It's been a blast, and tremendously insightful as far as my own strengths and weaknesses are concerned.
If you want to become a better public speaker, I can think of no one better to help you get there.

Hemmo BosscherHead of communications at Adyen

Margreet has magically changed my life during our first session. She is gifted in both sensing and intuition. She is well experienced in analysing situations with her positive, sensitive, calming and friendly approach.

She has let me open myself and guided me through the change that I always wanted to do, but never had the courage to.
I will always be grateful to her for the change that she brought in my life and I highly recommend her to anyone or any corporation who is looking for an impact; personally or professionally.

Aksel ParmaksizVice President, Global Innovation Management at PVH