From FEAR to FUN:

the Stage Heroes guide to presenting

From FEAR to FUN. But how?!

Some people feel butterflies when it’s their turn to present. They are a bit nervous but also excited. Others feel a stronger fear. Maybe even to the extend that they avoid giving presentations all together. 

 Giving presentations or presenting ourselves is something that most of us have never learned. Yet, it is a crucial skill to have in almost any job. In order to advance your career, you have to be able to present your ideas, your solutions and your stories in a way that will make people want to listen. 

Scary? Difficult? 

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Join me for a 60 minute webinar in which I’ll share how I overcame my own imposter syndrome and fear of taking up space. 

I’ll teach you my unique R.E.L.A.C.S. method that will help you bring FUN and EASE into your presentations. 


What other Stage Heroes had to say

Who am I?

Imagine a 4-year-old girl assembling her dolls and stuffed animals in a circle. She stands up, looks around her room and starts speaking: “Kids, today I will teach you how to make a drawing of an elephant”.

That little girl is me. My name is Margreet Jacobs. Most people call me Maja. I have always loved being in front of groups. Teaching and preaching are kind of my thing. My professional career started 20 years ago as a Salsa teacher. Later I worked in corporate as a software sales consultant and the last 9 years i’ve been teaching non-verbal communication, storytelling and any topic related to public speaking.

My whole career I’ve seen so many brilliant people with fantastic stories, ideas and solutions. Yet so many of them are afraid to get up on a stage and present (themselves). This is why I founded Stage Heroes.

I help people to find their unique speaking power. To be the best version of themselves, when communicating with others. I have the best job in the world! 

Why you should invest in your presentation skills

  • Nobody else is going to magically shine a spotlight on your work
  • You deserve to be heard
  • Your colleagues, customers, management expects you to stand up for your ideas.
  • Life is too short for sleepless nights over a presentation
  • Focuss on telling the right story in the right way and watch your career take of! 

Remember: the more relaxed you are, the better you’re able to convince and influence your audience.  Want to learn how? Join me for the next webinar!