5 killer speech openers and 5 ways to never start your presentation again.

Engage your public right from the start!

Did you know? Your audience decides on your credibility and likability in the first 30 seconds (!). A strong opening is therefore extremely important.

But please, don’t get nervous now you know this. You can make this work! See it as an opportunity. By starting your presentation strong right away, there is a good chance that you will be able to captivate the audience throughout the presentation. And the good news is: it isn’t that hard!

I’ve lined up 5 killer speech openers for you. Tips that you can apply immediately. And … a few tips on what not to do. Access these two valuable videos and start your killer presentation!

What these heroes say about me

Who am I?

Imagine a 4-year-old blond girl assembling her dolls and stuffed animals in a circle. She stands up, looks around the room and starts speaking: “Kids, today I will teach you about ….” She is mimicking whatever she saw her teacher do that day in class.

That girl is me. My name is Margreet Jacobs. Most people call me Maja though. I have always loved being in front of groups. Teaching and preaching are kind of my thing. In the past 15 years, I’ve taught anything from salsa dancing to software applications to non-verbal communication, NLP and public speaking.

I founded Stage Heroes in 2016 because I see so many amazing people with fantastic stories and ideas. Yet so many of them afraid to get up on a stage or simply not knowing how to make their stories and ideas compelling.

Every day I train and coach professionals to find their speaking power. To be the best version of themselves, when communicating with others. I have the best job in the world! 

Why you should go for a killer speech opener

  • Opening strong gives you confidence that the rest will also go well.
  • Captivating your audience from the start is crucial.
  • At the start of your presentation, you’ll have 100% of everyone’s attention. Use it well.
  • A bad speech opener can ruin an otherwise good presentation.
  • How you open will set the tone for your entire presentation.
  • A good speech opener will make your audience understand WHY they should listen to you.
  • The opening of your speech is the moment you make a connection with your audience.

Remember: the more authentic you are, the better your connection with your audience. Want to learn how? Let’s dive into the online training with 5 killer speech openers.