Whoop whoop! 

Someone is about to get noticed!!

As you can see right here, I am super excited for you!
You deserve to be seen and heard! 

But don’t leave this page just yet. Because getting noticed is only step 1. 

Once people start paying more attention to you, it is crucial that you also present yourself and your ideas in the most powerful way possible! 

Luckily, we know each other now.  Let me guide you in this process.


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I present to you: The Stage Heroes Academy!

The place I created to make public speaking  FUN, EASY and a whole lot LESS SCARY

For the past decade, I’ve been teaching over 4000 professionals in different layers of organisations, how to maximise their impact. While I was doing that, I realised that I was not maximising my impact. My training was only available to the the lucky few who worked in companies that could afford to work with me.

That’s why I decided to make the Next Level Presentations program available to anyone who wants to learn. It doesn’t matter if you work in a big or small organisation or if you run your own business.


If you are ready to make an impact, this program is for you.

Next live program starts on:
31 October 2023 – 16:30 – 17:30 CET 

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